Eastwood Busts Out With '67 Messenger Tribute Guitar

Eastwood-67-Messenger-TributeNever heard of a ’67 Messenger? Don’t start kicking yourself just yet… I’m a self proclaimed funky-old-guitar junky and I had to do some background research on this one myself.

Eastwood this week announced the Limited Initial Run of their new guitar––an instrument based on the aluminum-magnesium necked Messenger first built by tiny California guitar company Musicraft in the late ’60s, and made notable due to its use by ‘s resident six-string madman, .

That’s right––the Messenger pre-dated Travis Bean and Gary Kramer’s infamous aluminum-necked guitars by at least seven or eight years.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your feeling for metal necks,) Eastwood appears to have done away with the aluminum-magnesium neck entirely, opting instead for good ol’ maple, with set-neck construction.

The guitar also sports a hollow-body design with maple center block, unique “cat’s eye” f-holes, mahogany back and sides, and a spruce top.

Sadly, there’s no word on whether Eastwood will consider adding the built-in fuzztone circuit that many of the original models carried… now that would be a true stand-out addition to an already great looking guitar.

This early Limited Edition run will be selling for $849, and is being made available in Greenburst or Cherry finishes. The ’67 Messenger Tribute is expected to ship sometime in early April.