Guitar Player Reviews Gibson's HD.6X-Pro Digital Les Paul

Gibson Digital Les Paul Hd.6X-Pro-1I have to tell ya’, I toyed early on with the idea of doing a hands-on review of Gibson’s HD.6X, but the time and equipment required to really put the thing through its paces––and give it the honest assessment it deserves––seemed daunting at best.

So, I’m happy to see that the fine folks over at Guitar Player Magazine have done it for us again… and they’ve done it right––author Craig Anderton has been using the HD.6X as the veritable backbone of his band EV2 for several months, and he lays down the full skinny on how he makes the most of this instrument’s dizzying array of capabilities.

While sounding far too complex for a simple plug n’ play guitarist like myself (amp, axe, volume knob, thank you,) if you’re the experimental type, and you relish the idea of pushing your guitar’s sound well beyond the standard limits that magnetic pickups and 1/4“ audio cables can produce, well, the so-called ”Digital Les Paul“ might be worth looking into.

As Anderton writes––

”I’ve been using the DLP live for several months… and it provides a level of power I’ve never experienced before with guitar. Period. Turning it on isn’t like turning on an amp, it’s like winding up the engines on a 747. Several guitarists have commented that it’s the biggest guitar sound they’ve ever heard…The freedom I feel from using the DLP isn’t just about the sound, but about the music. This is music we couldn’t make in any other way.“

You can check out the full review over at Guitar Player’s website, and it’s well worth the read if you’re considering throwing down your hard-earned cash on one of these digital behemoths.