Guitar World Reviews The Orange Thunderverb 200

Orange Thunderverb ReviewCool… I’ve been ever-so-patiently keeping my eyes peeled for a decent hands-on review of the ever since Orange first announced its release over a year ago, but finding much in the way of an in-depth review has been difficult at best.

It looks like my wait is over though, because the lucky folks over at Guitar World managed to get their hands on this bright orange beast, and there’s little doubt that they liked what they saw––

“Upon plugging into Channel A and striking a note, I was dumbfounded by what I heard. This was the sound of 200 glorious watts pumping audiophile-perfect tone through four 100-watt Celestions. It wasn’t just a loud and clean open E; this sound was massive yet, simultaneously, soft and enveloping…”

They go on to rave about the Thunderverb’s top-notch audiophile components (PCBs with gold-plated circuit tracks, anyone?) marriage-saving attenuation circuit––for dialing in serious gain at whisper quiet volume levels––and a plethora of goodies like a true tube-drive effects loop, spacious tube reverb, dual channels, and a Celestion-loaded 18-ply birch cabinet.

You can  check out the full review , but keep a tight clutch on your wallet… the Thunderverb 200 head is listing for a whopping $2,599.00, while the accompanying cabinet sells for a paltry $999.00.