Squier Releases Deluxe Series Strats & Jazz Bass Active V

Squier-Deluxe-StratocasterSquier-Deluxe-Hot-Rails-StratocasterOK, last time I mentioned Squier on this blog I absentmindedly referred to their instruments as “beginner’s guitars,” which turned out to be a really bad idea––I got an earful from some very rabid Squier fans!

Hehe… my apologies, I promise not to make that mistake again 😉

Anyways, today Squier announced what appears to be their three new top-of-the-line models for 2008––the Squier Deluxe Series.

This latest family consists of the classically-styled (in Daphne Blue & Pearl White Metallic no less,) the modded-out (packed with a trio of extra-hot single-coil-sized Hot Rails Humbuckers, and a fat ’70s headstock,) and the new five-string .

In typical Squier fashion, all three instruments are selling for exceedingly reasonable street prices hovering around just $250… and they’re apparently already available at the major online guitar retailers and brick & mortar stores, to boot.

I’ll be interested to get out to my local “big box” guitar store and take one of these for a test drive.