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Speed Linking: Marshall’s Lemmy Signature Stack, EH Gets A New Site, More…

Disclosure Policy | Thu, Mar 27, 2008 | 964 |

Marshall-1992Lem-LemmyWow… slow posting this week as my *offline life* gets increasingly chaotic. Hope to be back up to par on Monday.

Still, came across a few fun things this morning, and thought I’d drop you all some quick links.

•  Marshall 1992LEM – Yep, Marshall has produced a in honor of madman . It’s a replica of Lemmy’s modified 1992 Super Bass, affectionately dubbed “Murder One.” Now that’s rock n’ roll…

•  New Electro-Harmonix WebsiteFinally… it’s as quirky as the old one, but not nearly as S…L…O…W… Video demos are front and center now, and the whole thing exudes a strange retro-futuristic psychedelic feel––kind of like meets the but I like it. .

•  Baritone Guitar Shootout – Oh yeah, and for those of you with a penchant tuning it down low, Guitar Player’s got , including the wonderful funky Danelectro Dano ’63, the Eastwood Sidejack Bari, and the Gretsch G6144 Spectra Sonic C Melody… old-school style meets modern baritone goodness…. :)