Speed Linking: Reverend's Limited Edition Volcano H90, EH Micro POG Demo…

Reverend-VolcanoNot a whole lot in the “guitar news” department this morning, though a few worthy links managed to find their way into my browser…

Limited Edition Volcano – Reverend Guitars has busted out with a new Limited Edition of their low-cost, award winning Volcano––the aptly titled Volcano H90.

They’ve apparently swapped out the neck humbucker for a vintage-voiced P-90 (a GFS Mean 90 to be exact) dressed in a traditional humbucker form factor. Guitars are signed on the back of the headstock by Reverend President Joe Naylor. Strictly limited quantities available, and list price is running $769.

Eastwood Tuxedo Copper – And while we’re on the subject of P-90s, Eastwood this week announced the addition of a new color option for its dual P-90 model hollowbody.

The guitar, which is a tribute to the ’50s-era Kay Barney Kessel, is now available in Eastwood’s popular new Copper finish () Street price is still $849.

EH Micro POG Demo – Last but not least, Dave Weiner has posted a new over on YouTube, and it gives you a pretty good idea of what this diminutive pedal really has to offer.

I don’t know about you, but I particularly like what EH’s latest polyphonic octave generator can do with arpeggiated chords… super sweet.