EGR’s Great Tele Relic Experiment: First Look At The Hardware

Relic Guitar Hardware

And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for… here is our first batch of hardware after spending about six hours in a rock tumbler filled with pea gravel.

As you can see, it came out quite nicely. It’s hard to say whether I will attempt the “acid bath” on these as well. I guess I’ll have to wait and see how the rest of the pieces come out. So far I’m mucho happy with the results.

In fact, if you look really closely (here’s a close-up) you may even notice that the strap buttons have developed a small amount of rust––nice touch, eh?! I quickly washed them off when they came out of the tumbler yesterday, and apparently that was all the water it took to start the process rolling.

Tweaked TunerAmazingly, during the six-hours of my second batch I actually managed to seriously bend the post on my high-E tuner… I could hardly believe it when I saw it. Now that’s a freakin’ Relic.

Checking that my tuners still worked I noticed quite a bit of popping and grinding in the gears when I first started to turn them, but after a few minutes of twisting each of the machine heads the grit seems to have worked its way out.

Hehe, and I love the fact that the bent tuner is the high-E––the exact one you would most expect to get hammered out of shape when you accidentally swing your guitar’s headstock into your drummer’s thick-ass skull 😉