Fender Introduces Billy Corgan Signature Stratocaster

Fender-Billy-Corgan-StratocasterSorry for the disappearance, folks… it would seem that recovery from the loss of a loved one seldom occurs in a nice, straight arc––the last few months have been a real roller-coaster for me.

Anyway, I logged in this morning to be pleasantly surprised by the latest Signature Series instrument coming from Fender––the .

Apparently now one of Corgan’s go-to guitars for live performance and recording, the frontman worked with Fender engineers to create a versatile guitar that would both maintain that classic Strat feel and sound, and still perform well in modern high-gain situations.

I think what’s difficult for people in this modern culture, with such high-gain rock application, is understanding how to play a style that expresses their individual personality and yet still keeps them sort of within the sound that’s current, which is very, very high-gain. And what I’ve worked with Fender to try to do is to create an instrument that will both allow the individualistic expression at a very high level… and at the same time allow your personality to shine through and play high-gain rock, which I think Fender’s been a little behind the curve in addressing.

The guitar will feature a heavy Alder body, Maple neck (modern “C” shape,) Maple fretboard (9.5“ radius,) 22 Jumbo Frets, ’70s style large headstock and logo, a hardtail bridge, and a set of DiMarzio Billy Corgan Signature Pickups.

No word yet on pricing or availability.