Tune In Tomorrow For… EGR's Great Tele Relic Experiment: Misadventures Of A Neck Surgeon!

2693591387 794D8158Bd MYeah, I know, it’s been a helluva’ long time since my last update… sorry folks, life has taken some strange twists and turns for me over the last nine months, and being a one-man-show here at EGR means this blog has suffered.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with all of my apologies, but I thought you’d all want to know that the next episode in our frighteningly fun Great Tele Relic Experiment is about to unfold!!

So tune in tomorrow for Misadventures Of A Neck Surgeon, and I promise lots of pretty pictures, some detailed explanations of our pain and suffering, and a few good bumbles on my part, to boot!

And as you can see from the photo (taken last week,) I’m really enjoying the heck out of my ’67 Gibson SG Special Reissue… finally got smart and dropped some heavier strings on her (11-49,) and now she absolutely purrrrrs. Good stuff. I think I’m in love.