Eastwood Releases Limited Edition Airline 2P LTD In Metallic Margarita

Eastwood-Airline-Margarita-Green-1Hehehe… these guys are complete madmen –– Eastwood has once again upped the ante on seriously funky vintage-style guitars, with the limited release of an Eastwood finish.

The guitar will be built in a run of just 48 instruments (24 with Bigsby Vibrato, 24 hardtail,) and is apparently sporting original NOS (new old stock) Valco knobs, a vintage tone switchplate, and a Deluxe Airline hardshell case.

Prices are running $899 for the Standard model, and $999 for the Deluxe model with Bigsby. The guitar will ship beginning August 31st, 2008, and pre-ordering is suggested.

Not convinced? Check out the demo… that’s some solid chicken-pickin’ goodness.