Reader Poll: Hmmm, PRS With A Bigsby… What's Your Take?

Okay, so this is your chance to sound off, folks… for the last week or so I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around the basic aesthetic design of the new PRS Starla, but I just can’t seem to come up with a definitive opinion on what I think.

First off, hey––I love a Bigsby! But bolted onto a singlecut solidbody bearing the standard futuristic lines of a PRS, not to mention that spiky headstock, this thing just looks all wrong to me.

Of course, the newly introduced Starla could turn out to be the bee’s knees, and I’m certainly not going to make any judgment calls when it comes to playability or tone until I can get my freakin’ hands on one, but I thought it would be fun to hear what you all think of this latest model from the good folks at Paul Reed Smith.

I’m not sure what it is about PRS that seems to bring both fanatic proponents and detractors out of the woodwork, but the comments on this blog get predictably strange whenever I mention one of their guitars.

So here goes… whatcha’ think?