Fender Shows Off 'Road Worn' Series, New Amps @ NAMM 2009

Yep, it’s that time again… Winter NAMM 2009 is now in full swing, and even though difficulties in my offline life have kept me from attending for the last two years straight, I’m certainly there in spirit!

The big news from Fender this season (at least as far as electric guitar enthusiasts are concerned,) is the official release of their new Road Worn Series of guitars and basses.

These instruments are basically lower-cost Relics –– coming off the assembly line looking like they’ve already seen a few decades of sweaty, grimy, nicotine-stained bar band mayhem.

The Road Worn Series guitars –– made up of the ’50s Strat, ’60s Strat, and ’50s Tele –– are all selling for less than $1,000, while the ’50 P Bass, and ’60s J Bass are hovering in the $1200 range.

At this point I haven’t heard where these are being built (though Fender’s Mexican factory seems likely,) and I’ll be interested to see how they stand up to the Custom Shop Relics when it comes to authenticity. Still, Fender went back to a Nitro finish on these babies, so who knows?

The other big news is the release of the Band Master VM Head, Band Master VM 212 cabinet, and the Deluxe VM Combo… both amps are suped-up versions of their all-analog predecessors, now boasting traditional Blackface tube-amp goodness mixed with essential onboard digital effects, including reverb, chorus/vibrato, and delay.

No word yet on pricing or availability.