Vintage Guitar Reviews Radial's Loopbone, Cabbone, and Switchbone

Personally, I run a pretty straight-ahead rig –– guitar > pedal board > amp > ears –– but I know a lot of folks who like to get a bit more complex in their set-up.

If you’ve ever wished you could easily run two heads into a single cabinet and switch between them effortlessly, or you need to be able to switch between (or combine) dual effects loops or cabinets, you might want to check out Vintage Guitar’s Review of the Radial Loopbone, Cabbone and Switchbone pedals.

As I understand it, with the Loopbone, and a few select effects, you can coax what is effectively two channels (or even three, if used in combination) out of your single-channel amp –– a nice trick to have in your arsenal. According to Vintage Guitar––

This go-round with the Radial ‘Bone pedals reinforced what we found in our previous tests; they deliver as promised, giving a player extremely usable switching and effects options that simply haven’t been previously available. By combining the Loopbone with either the Cabbone or Switchbone, the options are numerous.

Me, I don’t like to carry around any more equipment than I have to, but if you’re the type who can never get enough tonal combinations out of your rig, you might want to check it out.