Gibson's New 1937 L-00 Legend… A Boy Can Dream, Right?

Okay, so I’ve been playing a lot of acoustic guitar recently (mostly fingerstyle blues and general Americana,) and I’ve developed a serious crush on this new re-issue from Gibson — the 1937 L-00 Legend.

Talk about a looker… check out that striped tortoise shell pickguard! Sure, I’d love an original L-00, but unfortunately I don’t have a spare $25,000 lying around, so I have to look elsewhere.

Still, I recently figured out that at a whopping $6880 list price, if I put aside $10 a week, every week, in another decade I can buy myself one on my 50th birthday! Hahaha!

Seriously though, I’ve spent a fair amount of quality time with the lower-cost (but still steep,) Gibson Blues King, and while I love the general feel and sound (yeah, I’m a sucker for a slim waisted guitar!) the L-00 Legend shares all that tone and vintage vibe, but in a much prettier package.

Next up on my list is the Martin 000-18: also highly drool-worthy.

So — what’s your dream acoustic guitar?