Gibson Announces Limited Run Jeff Beck 1954 Les Paul Oxblood

Well, it’s that time again folks… time for the boys and girls with the big bucks to throw down some serious scratch on yet another pre-destined collector’s item––Gibson’s new limited run Jeff Beck 1954 Les Paul Oxblood.

All right, while I’m fairly sure I myself will never purchase one of these Artist Replica-type instruments, I can certainly see the appeal… it just seems a real shame that most of them will never actually get played, and will more than likely while away their years on a collector’s wall.

Then again, next to some recent forays into big name replicas (remember Fender’s $24,000 Blackie replica?) the Jeff Back ’54 Oxblood looks almost affordable at an MSRP of $8235. Hahaha.

Based on the heavily modified ’54 Les Paul that Beck picked up at a Memphis, Tenn. music store back in the ’70s, the Jeff Beck Oxblood will feature a deep chocolate-brown finish (apparently Oxblood in the right light,) a pair of Gibson’s top-of-the-line Burstbucker PAF reproductions (the guitar had it’s original P-90s swapped out before Beck even purchased it,) and a slightly thinner rounded ’50s neck shape (another pre-Beck alteration.)

Other features will include a single-piece light mahogany back, accurately-carved maple top, mahogany neck with long-tenon neck joint, and a light-aluminum wrapover bridge.

And if that weren’t enough, here’s the final skinny from Gibson––

Available in very limited numbers, the Jeff Beck 1954 Les Paul Oxblood from Gibson Custom will come in two different series. The first 50 of these historic guitars will be carefully aged by the master luthiers at Gibson Custom to look exactly like Beck’s original, then personally hand-signed, numbered and played by Beck himself. The next 100 guitars will be prepared with Gibson Custom’s pioneering V.O.S. finish, bringing the total run to just 150 rare instruments. Each one also comes with a specially produced Gibson Custom case with Beck’s signature silkscreened on the top, a custom care kit and a certificate of authenticity.

I’m happy to note that unlike some previous big name replica sales, Guitar Center doesn’t appear to be the exclusive dealer for the Jeff Beck 1954 Les Paul Oxblood (exclusivity on this scale just seems a bit un-democratic to me)––but don’t quote me on that.