Premier Guitar Reviews The PRS Starla

Ooh, there is a really positive review of the PRS Starla coming out of Premier Guitar, so those of you who’ve been asking for one here (sorry, just haven’t had time!) might want to check it out.

Matching what we discovered from the poll we took on this very model a few months back, the folks at Premier Guitar seems to be up in the air on whether they like the aesthetic design of the Starla (author Chris Burgess gushed about it, others not so much,) but overall review is glowing.

The Starla got high marks for its playable wide-fat neck, truly usable push/pull coil-tapping (quiet and toneful –– not so easy to find, in my experience,) and Paul Reed Smith’s new Starla pickups, which are apparently inspired by classic FilterTrons, and stand out for their balance, warmth, and sparkling high-end.

Low marks were few, with the number one complaint being the rather infamous tuning instabilities of the included Bigsby B5 vibrato tailpiece… apparently the price you pay to capture a serious retro vibe.