Premier Guitar Reviews The VOX Night Train All-Tube Head

VOX-Night-Train-Head-smWell, if you’ve found yourself in the market for a reasonably priced, low-wattage, all-tube amplifier head, you might want to check out Premier Guitar’s new review of the VOX Night Train NT15H.

This rather diminutive amp (hey, it’s built to travel and even comes with a padded carrying case,) sports dual 12AX7 preamp tubes paired with a set of EL84 power tubes, all packed into a solid (not to mention damned sexy) steel chassis, and offering you the choice of either 7.5 or 15 watts of power. A BRIGHT/THICK toggle switch allows you to adjust EQ/Gain settings on the fly.

As always, Premier Guitar sets the bar for a highly readable but still informative gear review… hell, this one’s damned entertaining––

“Using the Les Paul Custom and flipping the switch to Thick, the amp shook off and shed the classic ‘60s vibe that I’d been enjoying. It snarled with an incredible Slash-esque bark. There is a very conspicuous volume increase with the switch set in this position, but in a good way. The Night Train breathes a bit better, and pushes more air. It was really strange standing in front of this little mini-stack and feeling like it was kicking me in the shins like a child in a temper tantrum.”

You can check out Premier Guitar’s accompanying video review here, or you might take a look at VOX’s own Night Train video demo.

The only thing missing from the Night Train for my needs would be a bit of on-board reverb… still, if the specs suit your needs it looks like a pretty nice unit for a rather surprising price: $499.99 at time of write-up.