Audio Samples: Hear Epiphone's New Emperor Swingster In Action

Emperor Swingster Demo from Epiphone Company on Vimeo.

Nice… as I noted a few weeks back, Epiphone has updated its long-standing Emperor line of jazz archtops with the new Emperor Swingster, and this morning the company published a short audio demo of the instrument, including a diagram of all the settings used, and sound samples of what the guitar sounds like in and out of coil-tapping mode.

At first blush, Epiphone’s new SwingBucker pickups sound pretty nice, and the Swingster may just prove to be versatile as all get-out considering the sheer number of parallel/series wiring options available (each pickup can be individually set.)

Too bad they didn’t include any overdriven samples. I’d love to hear how this thing sounds with some creative distortion applied. 😉