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Epiphone Debuts New Limited Edition ’59 Les Paul “Burst”

Disclosure Policy | Mon, Nov 2, 2009 | 2488 |

Epiphone-59-Les-Paul-smIn celebration of its 50th Anniversary, Epiphone has announced yet another beautiful reissue of the classic 1959 Les Paul Standard “burst” — this time in a strictly limited run of 1,959 instruments.

The guitar looks to be highly accurate to its nearly royal lineage, boasting a whole host of appointments you’d expect from a ’59 LP, including a solid mahogany neck with that fat ’50s “baseball bat” rounded neck profile, a deep-set long neck tenon (for increased sustain and better tone,) solid mahogany back, hard maple cap, and the whole thing topped with a premium-grade AAA flame maple veneer.

If you ask me though, the real goods are going to be in the electronics, with the ’59 Les Paul Standard sporting what is easily my favorite humbucker coming out of Gibson these days — the BurstBucker; a modern re-creation of the company’s highly sought-after PAF pickups. The guitar will be armed with a BurstBucker-2 (wound similar to a ’57 Classic) in the neck position, and BurstBucker-3 (over-wound and hotter) at the bridge.

Other stand-out specs will include a set of Mallory-150 tone capacitors, a Switchcraft brand 3-way pickup switch, amber top-hat knobs w/metal pointers, Epiphone’s LockTone tune-o-matic stopbar bridge and tailpiece, a blank trussrod cover, and the guitar’s serial number stamped into the headstock back.

The Epiphone Limited Edition ’59 Les Paul Standard will ship with a Lifton-style replica hard shell case (brown exterior, pink interior,) and the instrument will be available in your choice of Faded Cherryburst or Faded Iced Tea finishes. Street price is expected to run around $900.

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  1. Rick Says:

    Where’s it made? That’s pretty pricey for an Epiphone. I saw some decent new Gibson Les Paul’s selling for $1800 at GC last week, although the only stock Les Paul’s that rev my motor are the VOS Models starting at $3000. I think Gibson/Epiphone need to do something like the Fender Road Worn series to get my attention on the mid-priced instruments.

  2. Mark Kardwell Says:

    The headstock still sucks, though. Either use the Gibson one OR the equally as iconic Epiphone one, but not this ugly marriage of the two.

  3. Rick Says:

    The headstock does make it look odd, and potentially cheap. If they’d keep the Gibson shape and used the Epiphone logo, it would be a little more interesting… but IMO, if Gibson took the techniques of the VOS line and moved them overseas….Taking the best of why people crave older Les Pauls (the older feeling finish and the specific 50’s & 60’s width necks)…Plus make them sound better/more vintage than cheap Les Paul Studios/Classics, they’d have a winner….no matter what brand was on headstock or where it was made.

    I love my Road Worn Strat….more than my American made models. Side by side to a real 60’s Strat, the feel and sound is remarkably similar…and as a non-millionaire, I can afford one or two. The same cannot be said for a Gibson production instrument. The Studios, Classic, Epiphone models, and even newer Standard LPs are just further watering down/cost cutting measures to produce an instrument that is only a vintage looking/sounding/feeling instrument in styling & design.

  4. ken Says:

    I have this guitar and it plays and sounds great right out of the box! I dont care about the head stock its still a quality made and sounding guitar period!

  5. anthony Says:

    I just got one of these, mine is #393 of 1959, I couldn’t be any happier. This guitar is flawless, it had a great set up from the factory, I just changed strings to higher gauge, and of course, I had to tweak the action, but the intonation was perfect, the tone is, of course, pure Les Paul with Burstbuckers (PAF), infinite sustain, great fret work, the carved top has a really beautiful AAA flame maple. It’s a little pricey, yes, but then again, how much would you pay for a guitars that plays and sounds exactly the way you want it? I’ve been playing Strats for years, I even own a 74, a real 74, not some MIM, and I can’t get my hands off of this Epiphone. I wish I could get the Faded Cherry too.

  6. Chuck Says:

    I also purchased one recently. I could find no flaws at all (except for getting it set up). I feel the head stock is unimportant and is just an ego issue for those kids afraid that they cannot afford Nikes. It is about the feel and sound, and this has it. I have had a Gibson Studio, ES 333 and a Standard Les Paul. The Epiphone is the best. The workmanship on the Gibsons sucked.

  7. Rob Says:

    I ordered one about 2 weeks ago. Looking forward to seeing & playing it. Did alot of hyming and hawing about what to get gibson or this. I realy wanted to own a gibson, but I can’t afford to put out 2800+ on the gibson.(LP tradish + top, or the florintine) So i figure get the epi it has good features if I don’t like it I’ll send it back. If I do like it & I probily will from what I’ve been hearing I’ll keep it. Down the road I could still doctor it up say- gotah locking tuners, bone or hybred nut, seymore duncun triple shot & a refret. Still gona be way less than a stock gibson. imo… The only thing I still have to get over is the fact thats its made in china. …. keep it cranked

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