How To Make Your Guitar Shimmer And Chime Using Nothing But Electro-Harmonix Pedals

Bill Rupert never ceases to amaze me… the sounds he manages to coax out of nothing but an electric guitar and a daisy chain of Electro-Harmonix effects pedals is truly awe inspiring.

His latest effort, Effectology Vol.11 Crystal -Shimmer Effects, is no exception. This time out Bill shows us how to create crystalline octave-echo type effects, including a new guitar sound he has aptly dubbed “Symphonic.”

Effects used in the video range from the Electro-Harmonix Soul Preacher compressor, to the POG2, Cathedral, Stereo Memory Man, Pulsar, Poly Chorus, and Volume Pedal (with a few y-connectors thrown in for good measure.)

Bill has also posted full instructions for producing these effects over at the Electro-Harmonix forum. Check it out for more info.