'Vintage Guitar' Reviews The Marshall 1974X And 2061X Handwired

Marshall-2061X-handwiredOoh, there’s a nice in-depth review of the 1974X and 2061X amplifiers –– each a part of Marshall’s high-end handwired series –– over at Vintage Guitar Magazine’s website.

I’ve spent a small amount of time with the 1974X (basically a handwired version of the popular Bluesbreaker model,) and I absolutely loved it, but so far I haven’t managed to get any time in on the 2061X.

Vintage Guitar has nothing but good to say of both of these models, and i’m not surprised… the handwired series has been getting rave reviews all around. According to their review, the 1974X, with its growling overdrive and sustain, is probably more suited to rock than the 2061X, which doesn’t produce as much gain, and is probably better suited for blues.

Both amps were built to produce classic Marshall tone at volume levels that mere mortals can attain (though not necessarily at “living room” volume,) and both models feature “extremely well-crafted” cabinets built of high-grade birch plywood and authentically vintage gold-fronted Marshall logos.

The 1974X is currently fetching a street price of around $2300, while the 2061X head plus cabinet is selling for around $2500. For more info check out Vintage Guitar Magazine’s full review.