Check It Out: Fender Interviews Nels Cline Of Wilco

WILCO-Nels-ClineI just stumbled onto Fender’s interview with guitar virtuoso Nels Cline and wanted to point it out to you. I was lucky enough to catch WILCO just a few months back at the Berkeley Amphitheater, and as to be expected, Cline pretty much owned the stage when it came to coaxing great sound out of his instruments.

Don’t get me wrong, Jeff Tweedy and crew are all great musicians, but adding Cline to the line-up was a touch of inspiration, and it’s paid-off in some truly transcendent new music for the band.

This is a great interview if you’re interested in what makes Cline’s creative clock tick; he pretty much gushes about his beloved Fender Jazzmasters and Jaguars, and there’s a ton of great info on his influences.

While you’re at it, you might check out Gibson’s write-up on WILCO from April of last year: How To Get Wilco’s Guitar Sound. I came across it while looking for a good photo of Nels Cline, but it has s0me great info on the band’s various vintage and Custom Shop guitars, not to mention effects pedals.

Oh yeah, and Happy New Year! Here’s hoping you have a great 2010!