Tasty Combo: Fender's '57 Champ w/Custom Shop La Cabronita

Yummy… ever in search of smaller and more delectable tube amps for my guitar-playing pleasure, I came across this video over on Fender’s website this morning and just wanted to share it here. It’s a short but tantalizing demonstration of Fender’s newly reissued 5-watt tweed ’57 Champ, paired with the company’s sexy Custom Shop La Cabronita Especial.

Unfortunately, my pocketbook says it’s time to stop bleeding-out, but honestly, great big sound from a tiny amp is my holy grail, and that 57 Champ’s got a lot of tone for such a small piece of equipment. I’ll be keeping an eye out to see what kind of deals appear on these little hand-wired beauties. They’re currently selling for just under $1,000. Way out of my price range.

The Custom Shop La Cabronitas are currently fetching a princely $5,000… anybody tried one yet? I’d be interested to hear your opinion –– they appear to be in short supply in these parts.