Your Chance To Win A Prototype American Special Guitar From Fender

Fender-American-Special-GiveawayIn case you missed it, Fender’s just rolled out another guitar giveaway, and this time they are intent on giving away three prototype instruments from the company’s recently announced American Special line.

If my memory serves me, all three American Special models –– the American Special Stratocaster, American Special HSS Stratocaster, and American Special Telecaster –– are decked out with Texas Specials, built on Alder bodies, and as per the name, are American made.

According to Fender, these prototypes are thoroughly broken-in, having been used extensively during the American Special line’s testing phase, and then shipped off to numerous photos shoots and various guitar showcases… In my opinion, a far more interesting guitar to win than something right off the assembly line. Good Luck!