ESP Announces 11 New LTD Guitars & Basses For Spring 2010

If you follow ESP at all you’re probably aware that a few times a year they throw-down with a bunch of new models… and I mean a bunch –– in fact back in January of 2008 they released a whopping 50 new instruments all at once.

Anyway, they’re at it again, as last week the company announced the imminent addition of eleven new guitars and bass models to their lower-cost LTD line (and by lower-cost I don’t mean cheaply-made: ESP’s LTD goldtop remains one of the best instruments in my arsenal despite it’s incredible price.)

Expected to be available this Spring, the new line-up will include (from top of photo to bottom): the LTD Deluxe EC-1000T (Black) and EC-1000T (Faded Cherry), the LTD GUS-600 EC, in honor of Firewind guitarist Gus G., the LTD Deluxe Phoenix-1000 (Black) and Phoenix-1000 (Snow White,) the entry-level Phoenix-200 (Black,) three new LTD Phoenix basses –– the Phoenix-1004 (Black), Phoenix-1004 (2TB), and Phoenix-204 (Black) –– and two new “relic” style basses –– the Vintage-204 (BLK/M) and Vintage-204 (3TB/R.)

Whew… that’s a moutful… no word on pricing yet, but you can see full specs on the new instruments over at ESP’s website.