Fender Announces 'Tele-bration', Celebrating 60 Years Of The Telecaster

According to Fender’s Custom Shop website, the company is celebrating 60 years since the advent of the Telecaster with a ‘Tele-bration’ that includes the release of a number of gorgeous Custom Shop relics.

The real stand-out to me is the 60th Anniversary Limited Telecaster Proto (left), which reproduces one of the earliest prototypes of the Tele –– a model that was apparently taken to clubs for musicians to try out, and ultimately would morph into the guitar we all know and love.

This one’s being built in a strictly limited run of just 60 instruments globally, and will sport the unique “snake head” headstock shape, a body made of 100-year-old Pine, a single-piece neck of hard rock Maple (no truss rod here, folks!) a custom-wound single-coil pickup, vintage-style wiring, and a custom replicated bridge.

Another real beauty in this ‘Tele-bration’ is the 60th Anniversary Limited Nocaster (right), replicating the famously short-lived “Nocaster” era during which Fender cut the name “Broadcaster” from its decals due to Gretch’s owning of that name, and before the name “Telecaster” was finally settled on in 1951.

The guitar will feature a body made of hand-selected Ash and finished with Nitrocellulose lacquer, a single-piece neck of hard rock Maple, vintage frets, a vintage bridge, vintage wiring, custom-wound single-coil pickups, standard Volume and Tone knobs, plus 3-way pickup switching.

Other guitars in the line-up include the 60th Anniversary Limited Two Pickup Esquire, 60th Anniversary Limited Single Pickup Esquire, and of course the 60th Anniversary Limited Broadcaster. Check with your local Fender Custom Shop dealer for more details.