Chop Shop: Upgrading My SG To Lindy Fralin Hum-Cancelling P90s

67-Sg-Special-Reissue-P-90As some of you will remember, in 2007 I was lucky enough to purchase one of Gibson’s “Guitar of The Week” models, the gorgeous Limited Edition ‘67 SG Special Reissue w/P-90’s.

I have since fallen in love with this guitar over and over again, and it only sounds better with time… with one caveat –– the buzz from the single-coil P90s is driving me to distraction.

Is it authentic? Sure. But that doesn’t mean I need to put up with it. We are lucky to live in an age where the promise of noiseless pickups has finally come to fruition, and seeing as how I live in a 100-year-old house with ancient wiring, I’ve all but given up playing this beautiful guitar until I find a quieter solution that manages to maintain the soul and classic tone of the original “noisy” P-90s.

Of course, the two top dogs in this arena are Lindy Fralin –– who produces the much-loved ‘Hum-Cancelling P-90‘ –– and Chris Kinman, maker of the ‘P-90 HX‘. Both pickups get consistently good reviews, and both are said to be nearly noiseless, so to save money –– and avoid having to deepen the routing on my beautiful SG –– I’ve personally decided upon the Lindy Fralin Noiseless.

Said pickups have been ordered and should be in my greedy little hands sometime in the next few days. I’ll get some snapshots of the pickups, plus any tinkering I have to do, and post them soon… probably next week.

Got any experience with either of these pickups? Drop me a comment –– I’d love to hear your thoughts.

UPDATE: See my post about the raging success of my Lindy Fralin Noiseless P90 Upgrade, over on the forums.