Fender Offers Up Custom Shop Vintage Pro 1956 Stratocaster NOS

While we’re on the subject of Fender’s famous Custom Shop, here’s yet another new line of guitars that have sprung up quietly in recent weeks –– the Vintage Pro 1956 Stratocaster NOS.

Like the Vintage Pro 1963 Teles mentioned last week, these new Strats were built to look, sound, and indeed handle, like a 1956 Fender Stratocaster purchased new and then left to sit unmolested in someone’s closet for the last 50-some years.

But despite their general vintage vibe, this latest model apparently includes a few modern touches as well (5-way pickup switching standard, flatter 9.5″ fretboard radius for easier bends, and a set of narrow-jumbo 6105 frets, to name a few) to make your playing a bit more effortless.

Still, according to Fender the Vintage Pro 1956 Stratocaster NOS was built utilizing original tooling and production techniques circa the mid-’50s, and the guitars are loaded with old-school accoutrements.

Features will include an Alder body on most models (the 2-color sunburst is made of Ash,) a Maple 10/’56 “Boat Neck” V shape neck, Maple fretboard, Fender’s popular “thinskin” nitrocellulose lacquer finish, a trio of Custom Shop Fat ’50s single-coils, gold anodized pickguard, bone nut, an American vintage-style synchronized tremolo, and Fender/Gotoh vintage-style tuners.

Fender’s new Vintage Pro 1956 Stratocaster NOS will be available in three classic finishes –– Desert Sand (show here,) Dakota Red, and 2-Color Sunburst. The guitar will ship with a deluxe hard shell case, and is currently selling for a street price in the $2000 range.