Gibson Introduces Limited Run SG Special '60s Tribute

So I’ve been taking some time off writing for the last few months, but when this announcement came through my gmail account I knew I was going to have to break my silence.

As many of my old readers know, Gibson’s iconic SG Special is a guitar that’s particularly close to my heart (there is literally nothing about this guitar that I don’t love, from the soapbar P-90s to the sleek build and stripped-down design,) so when they decided to add a new model to the lineup I knew I was doomed… an SG in natural finish?

I’ve craved one of these beauties since I first saw one some 20 years ago.

And considering how quickly Gibson’s 50s Tribute Les Pauls sold-out last year, I’m guessing these will be exceedingly popular. Not only is the price right for our rather down economy –– $799, are you kidding me? –– but it seems that more and more folks are discovering that straight-up humbuckers and single-coils aren’t the only good game in town.

For those of us who like them, the distinctively warm and lively growl of a P-90 pickup is something that just can’t be duplicated with anything but the real thing.

While a decidedly more affordable model than their high-end SG Special VOS or similar, Gibson’s new Limited Run SG Special ’60s Tribute will feature some nice specs for its price-point, including: a solid mahogany body decked out in four different “worn” finishes, a quarter-sawn mahogany neck with slim-taper neck profile, a PLEK-cut Corian nut, and of course a pair of Alnico V P-90 soapbar pickups with black covers.

There doesn’t seem to be any real word on how “limited” this run will be… I’ll keep you posted as I find out more.