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REVIEW: Martin’s Gorgeous 000-18 Golden Era 1937 Sunburst

18. November 2009


REVIEW: Martin’s Gorgeous 000-18 Golden Era 1937 Sunburst

I’m going to break away from the electric side of things today and talk about a guitar that’s grown near and dear to my heart –– Martin’s 000-18 Golden Era 1937 Sunburst. This is my current acoustic guitar of choice (I purchased one at the beginning of 2009,) and to be honest, I don’t see […]

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REVIEW: Seymour Duncan’s Twin Tube Classic Overdrive

26. October 2009


REVIEW: Seymour Duncan’s Twin Tube Classic Overdrive

It’s the holy grail of the armchair guitar-god isn’t it? –– an overdrive pedal capable of producing searing, creamy, tube-driven distortion reminiscent of the great classic amp heads, but at a reasonable price-point and with a small footprint. Add in a dose of seriously sturdy construction, dual overdrive channels, military-grade vacuum tubes, and true-bypass circuitry, […]

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REVIEW: Fender Limited Edition “Thin Skin” ’62 Stratocaster

16. April 2008


Model Fender Limited Edition “Thin Skin” ’62 Stratocaster Re-Issue Intro As long-time readers of this blog may remember, in early 2007 I began a “Quest For The Perfect Strat,” with the sole intention of digging up the best combination of playability, affordability, looks, and tone that Fender had to offer in the way of vintage-style […]

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REVIEW: Peavey Windsor Studio Class A Tube Amp

25. February 2008


Well, I have to send out a huge Thank You to EGR reader Jarrod Perkins, who was kind enough to submit the following review of Peavey’s new Windsor Studio Class A 15-watt tube amp. Peavey’s entire Windsor line continues to garner great reviews, and I’m happy to see that Jarrod’s experience was no exception––with boutique […]

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REVIEW: Guyatone’s ULTRON Optical Auto Wah & ULTREM Optical Tremolo

24. September 2007


I’d been in the market for an envelope filter for more than a few months when Godlyke approached me about reviewing their new Guyatone Optical effects pedals… so needless to say I just couldn’t resist taking them for a test drive. For those of you who aren’t already acquainted with this latest line of effects […]

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REVIEW: Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster Re-Issue

24. August 2007


Model Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster Intro The American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster is a reissue of Fender’s now classic and highly sought after ’62 Strat––one of the true watershed instruments in Fender’s illustrious arsenal of six-strings. Comfort-contoured, with a traditional Alder body, and Maple neck––not to mention an old-school nitro finish––the ’62 Stratocaster reissue really […]

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REVIEW: The Phaseomatic Deluxe – Effectrode’s All-Tube Phase Shifter

8. August 2007


Model Effectrode Phaseomatic Deluxe Intro The Phaseomatic Deluxe is boutique effects company Effectrode’s handsome new photo-optical vacuum tube phase shifter. Like something straight out of an old Sci-Fi film, this imposingly sturdy little stomp-box features the kind of retro-50’s styling that would look right at home perched on top of your grandfather’s old television console, […]

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REVIEW: Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster

29. June 2007


Model Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Intro The long awaited Eric Johnson Stratocaster was introduced in January of 2005, and has received accolades across the board ever since. Walk into your local music store, take one off the rack, and you’ll quickly see why. Simply put, the guitar is beautifully built, with all the vintage vibe […]

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