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In spite of my website’s name, Electric Guitar Review isn’t just about great reviews – I actually provide a wide variety of different article types, from quick equipment overviews and commentary, to historic info about classic instruments, musicians, guitar makers, and more. In a nutshell: if I think you want to hear about it, I’m going to write about it!

I’ve gone to great lengths to label articles in such a way that you will always know at a glance what you’re reading, be it a hands-on review, writer’s commentary, or just a recent guitar-related news blurb.

To make navigation of the site as easy as possible, I’ve provided the following list of the various categories you’ll find here at EGR.

Hands-On Reviews:

Electric Guitar Review is dedicated to bringing you pure, unbiased, hands-on reviews of the latest guitars and guitar gear – no holds barred. I’m not a music industry shill, and I’m not in the pockets of any of the guitar makers, so I can bring you honest reviews with real information you can actually use.

Heck, I’ll beg, borrow and steal to get my hands on the instruments you want to read about (Ok, maybe not steal.) I’m continually finding new and innovative ways to get access to the guitars and gear you’re interested in – from my vast network of guitar-playing, beer-swilling friends, to “big-box” guitar retailers (yep, I just walk right in and play them!) and even the venerable guitar makers themselves.

My goal with these reviews is to help you get the most out of your hard-earned cash, while also managing to have a lot of fun, play a whole lot of great instruments, and make a few bucks for myself in the process; I do this by publishing a relevant advertisement beneath each post. If you click on an advertisement and purchase something then I make some money.

That said, you can rest assured that I do not receive kickbacks or free guitars/gear in exchange for glowing reviews — so far, no guitar manufacturer has been crazy enough to send me a free guitar to keep… haha, but you never know! πŸ˜‰


I also provide quick, strictly hands-off overviews and commentary about intriguing new electric guitars, amplifiers, effects pedals and more. These overviews may be based on my own personal experience, press-releases, manufacturer specs, or other freely available information, and they allow me to point you towards what I deem to be promising new instruments and equipment.

With a little luck, a number of these products will ultimately get real, honest-to-goodness hands-on reviews here on EGR.

Rare Finds:

I also like to pride myself on uncovering great guitar-related blogs and websites (old & new,) so if you’ve got a site you think I might be interested in – feel free to drop me a message at: cary at electric-guitar-review dot com.

“Rare Finds” can be anything from websites offering free online guitar lessons, to blogs dedicated to specific brands or models of guitar, and even vintage guitars or guitar history.


Almost every day I pour over a long list of internet sites looking for guitar-related news to provide to you. My “News” posts can come directly from PR agencies in the form of Press Releases, from information provided directly to me by manufacturers, or from manufacturer websites, guitar retailer websites, or any number of other guitar-related websites, forums, etc.

These aren’t reviews, and I don’t hype the instruments or try to “sell” them to you – I just provide basic information about the product, its release date, expected street price, etc.

While I try to remain mostly objective in my news coverage, this website is first and foremost a blog, and as such you can be sure that a bit of my own personality, preferences, etc are bound to make their way into pretty much everything I write. If a product leaves me drooling you can bet I’m going to mention that fact — that doesn’t mean I’m explicitly endorsing that product; it means I’m excited and can’t wait to get my hands on one.


Recently the FTC passed a set of new guidelines to help make sure that consumers aren’t being duped by online reviewers who claim to be objective (either explicitly or implicitly,) while they are in fact making money from product manufacturers in exchange for providing reviews.

I applaud the FTC for taking this stance, and as I mentioned above, you can rest assured that I never receive free guitars, amps, pedals, or monetary payments in return for the reviews I write — so far, nobody’s been crazy enough to send me a free guitar!

The way that I do make money from this website is by providing relevant advertisements beneath each of the posts that I write. These are affiliate ads, and if you click on one of these links and then purchase a product from the retailer, I will make a commission.

That said, my reputation is important to me, and I pride myself on the accuracy of my reviews, and on the fact that by offering truly independent reviews of guitars and gear I can help you wade past all the manufacturer’s market-speak.

Well, that’s about it – I hope you enjoy Electric Guitar Review… thanks for stopping by!

–Cary Miller, Editor

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